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Heat Treatment

▓ Energy-saving and environment-friendly roller hearth furnace salt bath quenching production line

Introducing the most advanced protective atmosphere salt bath quenching furnace for international bearing heat treatment, developed an advanced heat treatment process to realize the online treatment of heat treatment, heating under the protective atmosphere, salt bath quenching, cold treatment, stratification and tempering. Fully automatic control, high temperature control precision, uniform heating, achieving precise control of cooling rate and annealing decarburization layer, so that the bearing product parts are evenly organized after heat treatment, the hardness difference is small, the quenching deformation is small, and the heat treatment decarburization layer is controlled at “0”. The level guarantees long life and reliability of the product.

Production line features

1. Quenching and tempering salt tank integrated design, making full use of quenching waste heat.

2. Advanced bearing cooling structure, no additional cooling system is required to ensure that the bearing works below the safe use temperature.

3. It adopts Siemens control system and is equipped with servo motor drive, which is stable and reliable.

4. Heating in a protective atmosphere, the atmosphere is controllable, and the total decarburization layer depth is less than 0.03 mm.

5. The martensite quenching process and the bainite isothermal process in a protective atmosphere can be realized.

Energy-saving protective atmosphere roller bottom spheroidizing annealing production line

The double-layer atmosphere protection non-oxidized bearing spheroidizing annealing furnace has developed a high-efficiency bearing spheroidizing annealing process, which is different from the traditional push rod annealing process, and the original one end feeds the other end and discharges. The same end of the furnace feeds and discharges, reducing labor intensity. At the same time, the non-oxidative annealing is realized, and the forged parts after annealing can be directly processed on the numerical control machine tool, and no blasting and descaling treatment is required; in addition, since there is no scale in the annealing process, a good working environment is maintained, and equipment failure is remarkable. Reduced, while also reducing energy consumption.

Production line features:

1. Straight line layout, separation of loading and unloading ports, eliminating the risk of mixing and meeting the requirements of high-end customers.

 2. Adopting Yajie's patented waste heat recovery technology, the heat energy recovery efficiency is high, and it has obvious energy saving advantages.

 3. The external heat recovery system piping design is convenient for maintenance.

 4. Full data monitoring and recording, as well as an advanced energy efficiency management system that provides an interface to the customer's MASS system.

 5. Remote monitoring and fault diagnosis system, providing mobile APP for mobile office.